The MPhil degree is a two-year masters degree. You can either apply directly to the MPhil degree or alternatively apply to the MLitt degree and progress to the MPhil subject to satisfactory performance on the MLitt.

The MPhil consists of two semesters of MLitt coursework, followed by a fifteen month period of research in which you will write a 40,000 word dissertation.

This fifteen month research period is split into a three-month period in the summer during which you write a 15,000 word MLitt dissertation. If you achieve an average grade of 15 or higher for the taught component and 15,000 word dissertation then you can continue with the MPhil. In the remaining twelve months you then convert your 15,000 word dissertation into a 40,000 word dissertation which will be examined by an internal and external examiner at the end of the second year.

Satisfactory performance on the MPhil may lead to the PhD.