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Prof Stephen Reicher

Prof Stephen Reicher

Bishop Wardlaw Professor

Researcher profile

+44 (0)1334 463057


Research areas

Broadly - the issues of group behaviour and the individual-social relationship. More specifically, my recent research can be grouped into three areas. The first is an attempt to develop a model of crowd action that accounts for both social determination and social change. The second concerns the construction of social categories through language and action. The third concerns political rhetoric and mass mobilisation - especially around the issue of national identity. Currently, I am starting work on a Leverhulme funded project (jointly with Nick Hopkins of Lancaster University) looking at the impact of devolution on Scottish identity and social action in Scotland.

PhD supervision

  • Jennie Sofia Portice
  • Meng Zhang
  • Yasemin Ulusahin
  • Carolina Alejandra Rocha Santa Maria

Selected publications

  • A social identity model of riot diffusion: from injustice to empowerment in the 2011 London riots

    Drury, J., Stott, C., Ball, R., Reicher, S. D., Neville, F. G., Bell, L., Biddlestone, M., Choudhury, S., Lovell, M. & Ryan, C. E., 31 Mar 2020, In : European Journal of Social Psychology. 50, 3, p. 646-661

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • How crowd violence arises and how it spreads: A critical review of theory and evidence

    Drury, J., Ball, R., Neville, F. G., Reicher, S. D. & Stott, C., 2020, The Handbook of Collective Violence: Current Developments and Understanding. Routledge

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding ? Chapter

  • On order and disorder during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Reicher, S. D. & Stott, C., Jul 2020, In : British Journal of Social Psychology. 59, 3, p. 694-702

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • Research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: a call to action for psychological science

    O'Connor, D. B., Aggleton, J. P., Chakrabarti, B., Cooper, C. L., Creswell, C., Dunsmuir, S., Fiske, S. T., Gathercole, S., Gough, B., Ireland, J. L., Jones, M. V., Jowett, A., Kagan, C., Karanika-Murray, M., Kaye, L. K., Kumari, V., Lewandowsky, S., Lightman, S., Malpass, D., Meins, E., Morgan, B. P., Morrison Coulthard, L. J., Reicher, S. D., Schacter, D. L., Sherman, S. M., Simms, V., Williams, A., Wykes, T. & Armitage, C. J., 19 Jul 2020, In : British Journal of Psychology. Earl View, e12468.

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • Shared social identity transforms social relations in imaginary crowds

    Neville, F. G., Novelli, D., Drury, J. & Reicher, S. D., 5 Aug 2020, In : Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. Online First

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • Together apart: the psychology of COVID-19

    Jetten, J., Reicher, S. D., Haslam, S. A. & Cruwys, T., 26 May 2020, Sage.

    Research output: Book/Report ? Book

  • Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

    Bavel, J. J. V., Baicker, K., Boggio, P. S., Capraro, V., Cichocka, A., Cikara, M., Crockett, M. J., Crum, A. J., Douglas, K. M., Druckman, J. N., Drury, J., Dube, O., Ellemers, N., Finkel, E. J., Fowler, J. H., Gelfand, M., Han, S., Haslam, S. A., Jetten, J., Kitayama, S., Mobbs, D., Napper, L. E., Packer, D. J., Pennycook, G., Peters, E., Petty, R. E., Rand, D. G., Reicher, S. D., Schnall, S., Shariff, A., Skitka, L. J., Smith, S. S., Sunstein, C. R., Tabri, N., Tucker, J. A., Linden, S. V. D., Lange, P. V., Weeden, K. A., Wohl, M. J. A., Zaki, J., Zion, S. R. & Willer, R., 30 Apr 2020, In : Nature Human Behaviour. 4, 5, p. 460-471 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • A glossary for research on human crowd dynamics

    Consortium for the Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics, Adrian, J., Amos, M., Baratchi, M., Beermann, M., Bode, N., Boltes, M., Corbetta, A., Dezecache, G., Drury, J., Fu, Z., Geraerts, R., Gwynne, S., Hofinger, G., Hunt, A., Kanters, T., Kneidl, A., Konya, K., Köster, G., Küpper, M., Michalareas, G., Neville, F., Ntonis, E., Reicher, S., Ronchi, E., Schadschneider, A., Seyfried, A., Shipman, A., Sieben, A., Spearpoint, M., Sullivan, G., Templeton, A., Toschi, F., van der Wal, N., van Schadewijk, F., von Krüchten, C., Wijermans, N., Yücel, Z., Zanlungo, F. & Zuriguel, I., 1 Mar 2019, In : Collective Dynamics. 4, p. 1-13 13 p., A19.

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • An analysis of the nature and use of promigrant representations in an antideportation campaign

    Ryan, C. & Reicher, S., Jun 2019, In : Political Psychology. 40, 3, p. 583-598

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article

  • Multiple perspectives in conflict settings: an introduction

    Elcheroth, G., Penic, S., Usoof, R. & Reicher, S., 18 Dec 2019, In : Journal of Social and Political Psychology. 7, 2, p. 913-924

    Research output: Contribution to journal ? Article


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