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Dr Paula Miles

Dr Paula Miles

Senior Lecturer

Director of Teaching

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Research areas

Paula is a Senior Lecturer within the School of Psychology & Neuroscience and is the School's Director of Teaching. Paula has extensive experience lecturing and coordinating courses in New Zealand, Canada and now here in Scotland, and is currently the Course Controller for our first year programme (PS1001 and PS1002). Paula is the Chair of the University's Student Wellbeing Working Group and is a member of the Mental Health Task Force here at St Andrews. She is also on the Steering Group for SALTI - St Andrews Learning and Teaching Initiative group and is affiliated with CHER - our Centre for Higher Education Research.

Paula's broad area of research is educational psychology. Her initial work focused on helping children with special needs within primary and secondary school settings, but her current research focus has shifted to the higher education sector. Paula's current work is investigating factors that influence the student experience at university. She assesses the effectiveness of different teaching styles in a higher education environment. Paula also carries out work looking at student wellbeing to see what additional support we can give to students as they transition from secondary school to university, or from undergraduate to postgraduate studies. Another area that Paula is interested in is academic integrity and developing a better understanding of what students and staff believe constitutes good academic practice and academic misconduct. Reluctant to give up her connection to primary and secondary school altogether, Paula is engaged with research that seeks to better understand the occurrence of mathematics anxiety in school children, the impact that this can have on child's wellbeing and attainment, and what we can do to try an reduce maths anxiety.

PhD supervision

  • Jennifer Taylorson
  • Ewan Bottomley
  • Karen Porter

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