Dr Lamia Hachoumi

Dr Lamia Hachoumi

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The focus of my research is to understand how 5-HT modulates the spinal CPG network in Xenopus laevis tadpoles via the Na+-pump (Na+/K+-ATPase) mediated ultra-slow afterhyperpolarisation (usAHP). The usAHP is an important neuronal property because it decreases the excitability of the network following intense rhythmic swimming activity and functions as a short-term motor memory mechanism to influence future activity (Zhang and Sillar, 2012).

Utilising electrophysiological and pharmacological approaches, I am currently investigating the underlying mechanisms by which 5-HT modulates locomotion via the Na+-pump mediated usAHP with a particular focus on cAMP signalling and voltage-gated ion channels. In addition, I am interested in understanding how 5-HT influences the short-term motor memory mechanism in the CPG swim network.

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