Dr Ken Mavor

Dr Ken Mavor

Senior Lecturer

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Research areas

The nature of our selves and identities 

My research interests revolve around the fluid and complex nature of our personal and social self-categories and identities.  This interest covers a range of levels of analysis including the fundamental cognitive processes of categorisation in social perception, phenomena such as attribution, homogeneity, entitativity, self-complexity, the social categorisation of faces and the multi-faceted nature of social identities.  These core ideas have been explored in several specific contexts including: collective action and social change; religious and political identities and contested social attitudes; self-structure effects on resilience and well-being; and discipline-based social identities and learning approaches in education.  

See more detail about the lab, our projects and activities, here: https://mavorlab.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk

PhD supervision

  • Dean Smith
  • Gary Steven
  • Carrie Hall
  • Amund Klingborg

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