Prof Julie Harris

Prof Julie Harris


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The visual system is required to organise and process the vast amount of visual information that is available from the environment. The study of human visual processing allows one to ask questions such as what environmental information the visual systemis able to make use of, what it uses it for, and how well it is able to use that information. In my laboratory, psychophysical, behavioural and computational techniques are used to explore the basic processes underlying human visual perception and its links to motor action. Current research projects focus on the following areas: vision and camouflage, cue combination in depth and shape perception, colour-depth interactions, binocular stereopsis, three-dimensional motion, locomotion and eye movements in the natural environment, early spatial vision, stereo display technologies and the nature of visual representations.

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PhD supervision

  • Benjamin Portelli
  • Siu Chua
  • Rebecca Maguire

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