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Dr Ines Jentzsch

Dr Ines Jentzsch


Researcher profile

+44 (0)1334 463060


Research areas

I am a cognitive neuroscientist (Diplom in Biophysics and PhD in Psychology) and a classically trained pianist (LLCM in Piano Performance), studying different aspects of attention and performance in humans. I am specifically interested in the processes that underlie our ability to plan and control our actions, using both behavioural and electrophysiological approaches. I am also interested in how these processes change as a function of expertise (e.g., in groups with high levels of motor skills such instrumental musicians), normal aging and psychological illness.

PhD supervision

  • Joanna Moodie
  • Claire Ruckert
  • Ann-Kathrin Vetterl
  • Courtney Aitken
  • Konstantin Semilakovs

Selected publications and performances


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