World-leading primate complex opens

7 October 2019

Group gathered at the Budongo research unit opening.

A new cutting-edge research facility for advancing scientific knowledge on chimpanzee cognition and behaviour officially launched today (Monday 7 October) at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo.

The Budongo Research Unit (BRU), led by the University of St Andrews in partnership with RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, is based at the Zoo’s innovative chimpanzee Budongo Trail enclosure, which allows visitors to see the chimpanzees in the world’s most innovative, interactive chimpanzee complex.

For more information please follow the University press release "World-leading primate complex opens".

Video interview at the BRU with Professor Josep Call –


  • Professor Josep Call, Director of the Budongo Research Unit
  • Dame Anne Glover, President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • Professor Sally Mapstone, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Charlotte Macdonald, Director of Conservation and Living Collections, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo
  • Corstorphine Primary School children, Aizah Riaz, Fraser Lucas, Robyn Neil, Callum Finlay, all primary 4