School away day 2023

30 May 2023

Members of staff from Psychology and Neuroscience walking on the beach in the sunshine.

Academic and professional services staff recently spent a day away from the School in order to discuss the School's culture, focussing specifically on three main areas:

  • Research Culture
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Culture
  • Workload Culture

After a few short presentations, staff were given topics to discuss in a round table setting and were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with the larger group at various points during the day.  After lunch there was a beach walk on West Sands and kite flying in the near by playing fields.  The afternoon concluded with a summary of the discussions.  

It was a very successful day that reinforced our values around school culture and led to many concrete suggestions on how to sustain and further improve the positive culture in our school.

Mike flying a red and black kite in a blue sky with some fluffy white clouds.

Jamie, Justin and David all wearing red checked shirts.  Is this the new School uniform?