School of Psychology and Neuroscience Student Prizes 2022

13 June 2022

Jo and assistance dog Ruby holding her student prize outside the Psychology and Neuroscience building.

The School is delighted to share a list of student prize winners for 2021-22.

Psychology and Neuroscience student prizes (Word)


Lily Mugford

Malcolm Jeeves Award for Best Student Overall in Honours Psychology (Science) and the BPS Prize for the top graduating Psychology Student

“Thank you so much for your email, and all of your support throughout the last four years - I am so pleased! I have been so happy with my results this year, and I know a lot of this success has been a direct result of the wonderful department! Especially Dr Sophie Edwards - whose guidance throughout the dissertation process truly went above and beyond. She has helped me to stop fearing statistics and massively improved my confidence in giving presentations - something until this year I have always dreaded! She provided support in areas beyond Psychology, showing me how to structure my personal statements and provided me with tips to improve my CV writing. Without her encouragement this year, I don't think I would have decided to pursue a master's in Psychology next year. 

Best wishes and many thanks again, 

Lily “



Malcolm Jeeves Award for Top Performer in Senior Honours Psychology (Arts).

“Thank you so very much! I was not expecting this at all. The teaching and support I've received from the School throughout my degree has been amazing and I'm so grateful for everything. 

Many thanks again, 

Jo (and Ruby)”


Harriet Isherwood

Certificate of Commendation for outstanding performance in Junior Honours Psychology (Arts).

“Thank you for this certificate, and for the recognition - I'm very honoured, and humbled, to receive it. Wishing you all a pleasant summer.

Warm regards, Harriet Isherwood”


Malcolm Jeeves Award in Junior Honours Psychology & Neuroscience

“I wasn’t expecting this at all, so it comes as a very pleasant surprise!

I want to thank you and the rest of the staff for everything you have done within the Psychology and Neuroscience department. Although the past few years have been difficult in many respects, I have appreciated the hard work and effort of everyone in the department to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging, and I’m very thankful to be supported by such an amazing department!"