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  1. Employment Verification

    Information for individuals requesting an employer verification letter.

  2. Saints Sport sports camps terms and conditions

    Information and compliance

  3. Fee status policy

    To define University policy on fee status assessment

  4. Retirement policy (fixed retirement age)

    This policy sets out the basis for the University’s decision to have a fixed retirement age for all employees.

  5. Severance policy

    To set out the University’s policy on the payment of compensation to staff on the termination of their employment (other than the ending of a fixed term contract/ redundancy/Voluntary Severance Early Retirement (VSER) situation).

  6. Copyright for researchers

    Password protected

    To provide copyright guidance for researchers at the university.

  7. Failure to matriculate

    The policy explains the process and implications of failure to matriculate.

  8. Incident, Accident and Near Miss Investigation Form


  9. Income and cash handling

    To provide guidance on the University’s cash handling procedures in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and Data Protection Act 1998.

  10. Visa and immigration FAQ’s: For line managers

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  11. University health and safety policy

    Compliance with legislation

  12. Cycle to Work scheme

    FAQs regarding the Cycle to Work Scheme.

  13. Grievance policy

    This policy sets out the framework for raising, addressing and resolving concerns in the workplace.

  14. Flexible working

    Sets out how employees can request a change to their working arrangements

  15. Learning and access policy

    Museums policy to set out aims for making Museums of the University of St Andrews’ activities and collections accessible to all, working to understand our audiences and remove barriers to make participation as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  16. Adverse weather

    To provide guidance to staff in the event of a difficulty in attending work due to adverse/severe weather conditions.

  17. Advertising in the Library

    This describes how students can advertise events, etc, throughout the Library estate.

  18. Saints Sport terms and conditions

    This document outlines the terms and conditions of use for the University Sports Centre and all Saints Sport services

  19. Anti-Money Laundering Policy

    To set out the procedure to be followed if money laundering is suspected and defines the responsibility of individual employees in the process.

  20. Travel Plan

    Password protected

    To inform staff of the University's travel plan