About policies, procedures and guidance website

The University of St Andrews produces documents ensuring the University is effectively governed and managed. The policies, procedures and guidance website is the authorised, single-source repository with golden copies of all central documents, following a standard document format.


The majority of central University documents are made publicly available, however in some cases, confidential documents are password protected.

The following document types are in scope to be included on this website:

  • Strategy is a high-level statement of an overarching aim of what the University wants to achieve, supported by its policies.
  • Policy is a statement of University requirements, responsibilities, and boundaries, which must be followed by those to whom it applies. Policies are prepared by the centre of expertise with responsibility for setting and maintaining standards in the area concerned and ensuring relevant compliance.
  • Procedure is a set of instructions that can exist within a policy or be a stand-alone document, and should allow for compliance monitoring.
  • Guidance is best practice and advice.

The documents out of scope are:

  • Documents which only apply to a particular Unit or School. These documents will be provided by a line manager or a School Office.
  • Expired or superseded documents. These documents are stored in the University archive and can be provided upon request.

Help and support

To receive a previous version of a document, an expired document, or a document in alternative format, please email govzonefeedback@st-andrews.ac.uk.

If you identify any issues with links, please report those by emailing itservicedesk@st-andrews.ac.uk.

For policy owners: to manage documents, please go to Governance Zone. If you do not have access to the site, please request this by emailing itservicedesk@st-andrews.ac.uk.