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  1. University guidance for electrical safety

    Rules for the use of electrical systems

  2. Diving rules - Scientific and archaeological diving projects

    Rules for undertaking underwater diving work activities

  3. Work at height

    Guidance on safe working at height (2012)

  4. Guidance for Schools and Units on Inward Visits

    Password protected

    Guidance for staff on welcoming visitors to the University.

  5. Usability testing policy - Digital standards - University of St Andrews

    Usability testing policy. This policy covers all usability testing which takes place at the University of St Andrews and applies to all staff who are involved in any usability testing process. The policy applies to in-person and distance testing,…

  6. Scheme of delegation

    List of authorities delegated by Court

  7. S-coding guidance

    This guidance is intended to help students understand the effects of S-coding and should be read in conjunction with the policy on S-coding.

  8. USS flexibilities

    Guidance regarding changes to USS

  9. Intellectual Property Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the University’s approach to the protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property. Feedback on the Intellectual Property Policy during the pilot phase (1 Feb 2021 – 1 Feb 2022) can be sent

  10. Voluntary Severance Scheme

    Procedure to follow to request voluntary severance.