Recruitment and Selection (Academic and Research Staff)

Audience: Academic staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Thursday 31 October 2024

Times: 13.00 to 17.00

Programme: Academic Staff Development Programme

Course pre-work

Completion of the HR Online Recruitment and Selection Online Module. Available here under the section Hiring managers and recruitment panellists:

Course information

This course is for academic staff in all schools who participate in recruitment and selection activities.

The format will largely be a combination of interactive elements and discussion.  Participants will consider interview design and possible interview questions.

This practical session supplements and extends the HR online training module in Recruitment and Selection which all participants need to complete before attending the course.

Aims and objectives

By the end of the course participants will be:

  • Reminded of the broad legal framework and be aware of key legal issues relating to recruitment
  • Familiar with the key stages in the University recruitment and selection process
  • Able to shortlist applications using selection criteria identified in the person specification
  • Able to prepare, structure and participate in recruitment interview panels with an awareness of practical considerations, University procedure and questioning techniques
  • Aware of the University resources and support available to recruiters from Human Resources and on the University website


Dr Lauren Christie

Elaine Furnivall



Course provider