Coronavirus information and guidance

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Safe. Supportive. Scottish.

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at the University of St Andrews.

Our commitment to you

  • We will begin our new academic year on 14 September 2020. Orientation Week begins on 7 September, and our Halls of Residence will be ready to welcome students from 24 August.

  • Our people are the heart of our University, and we are committed to putting their safety and wellbeing first.

  • Teaching at St Andrews next semester will be a blend of traditional, in-person classes, pre-recorded content and live, interactive online provision. Wherever possible, we will default to traditional in-person teaching with remote delivery as back-up support for those students who require it. Larger classes, typically those in lecture format, will be delivered only online while public health restrictions remain in place. All our in-person classes will take place under physical distancing regimens. All our online classes will be recorded so that students can access them later if desired.

  • We are calling this blended approach to teaching in St Andrews “dual mode delivery.” We will provide teaching this way only for as long as is necessary, and as a stepping stone towards a comprehensive return to the traditional approaches to learning and teaching for which St Andrews is renowned. All students can expect the same high level of teaching quality, academic attention, and support, whether online or in person.

  • If you are a current student or a new entrant to St Andrews, we will contact you in August with links to detailed information about how we will implement dual mode delivery in your chosen modules. 

  • All students who are able to travel safely should plan to be with us in St Andrews for the start of the semester. We will of course make arrangements to provide tuition online if you are unable to get here for the start of term, but we strongly recommend you come to St Andrews if you can. Being here in person means you will be best placed to benefit from an optimal learning environment as Scotland completes the final phases of its exit from lockdown.

  • Safety informs everything. We will provide safe, fully risk-assessed, living, studying and working conditions in St Andrews, and all the tools and facilities people need to stay safe, founded on clear public health guidance. We will provide you with face-coverings, and over the summer we will re-purpose our buildings to support physical distancing. We will ask you all to work with us to ensure classrooms and other common areas can be regularly cleaned. 

  • Our Halls of Residence will be open as normal. All students will have their own rooms if they wish. For any hall resident who may need to quarantine on arrival in the UK, if that requirement is still in place, we will provide your accommodation free of charge for the quarantine period, from 24 August.

  • We will manage the numbers of people in our community at any one time, particularly after the semester starts. Many of our staff who are not directly involved in teaching or research will be asked to continue to work remotely, and on site only when absolutely necessary. This is to minimise any risk to our students in town, and the staff who will be carrying out small-group teaching and research, and those supporting them. 

  • Our teaching staff will provide small-group teaching on site under physical distancing regimens, and we will increase the amount of in-person teaching we provide as the easing of restrictions permits.

  • We will provide comprehensive support to our students. You will be looked after by our Student Services team, and our Student Health Hub in St Andrews will ensure you have speedy access to high-quality healthcare and support. If you are living in our Halls, we will ensure your environment is safe, and common areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

  • Our student leaders and the St Andrews Students’ Association are working hard behind the scenes to bring students some unique and creative events and activities that can be enjoyed both from home, and in St Andrews come September- from a new take on Freshers’ Week, to socially-distanced society events, to online showcases for student talent, every part of the student experience will be adapted to make it as safe as possible, without compromising on quality. The Students’ Association is independent of the University, and works to represent and support all students. Whether you're in St Andrews or anywhere else, you can reach out to if you have questions about the Association’s busy calendar of activities for the new semester, or an issue you want raised at a university, local or national level.

Accepting your offer

If you have not already accepted your offer, this is your next step. Accepting your offer allows you to get access to all available information on next year, apply for accommodation and start the visa process (should you need one). You respond to your offer through:

  • your My application portal - if you applied using our direct application, on the Common App or for a Masters programme.
  • UCAS Track - if you applied through UCAS.

The strength of our standing is based on our inspiring and supportive staff, student and alumni community that you will be joining; world-leading teaching and research; over 600 years of history; and the spectacularly beautiful and safe environment that St Andrews and Scotland afford us.

Professor Brad MacKay
Professor Brad MacKay
- Senior Vice Principal