Darya Tsymbalyuk has been awarded the Principal's Medal

2 December 2022

Darya Tsymbalyuk, a PhD graduate of the School of Modern Languages, has been awarded the Principal’s Medal. The medal is awarded for students who have displayed exceptional endeavour and achievement during their time at St Andrews.

Speaking about her award, Darya has made the following statement:

"I just wanted to say that this award is also an achievement of my mentors Dr Victoria Donovan, Dr Jeffrey Murer, and Dr Emily Finer, and many people in the Russian department, who despite all limitations managed to create a supportive environment for scholars like me: who wanted to do research on Ukraine and to focus on work that goes beyond conventional academic boundaries. And I hope this award also allows for more recognition for the cutting-edge critical transdisciplinary work my mentors have been carrying on for years. I know how much labour it takes to support someone like me, and not only through my academic growth during PhD but also to be there when I found myself collapsing together with my country this year. I am also forever grateful to many friends and peers, in the School of Modern Languages and in other schools, who have been my support in these dark times. Thank you!"