Eleni Kefala's book wins the 2022 Edmund Keeley Prize

30 August 2022

The ConqueredEleni Kefala's book, The Conquered: Byzantium and America on the Cusp of Modernity, is the winner of the 2022 Edmund Keeley Prize.

Eleni Kefala says: "It is an immense privilege to receive the prize and a special honour to receive it now, just a few months after Edmund Keeley’s passing. I am hugely grateful to the Prize Committee of the Modern Greek Studies Association – Elizabeth Davis (Princeton University), Gregory Jusdanis (Ohio State University), and Christine Philliou (University of California, Berkeley) – for choosing "The Conquered" from a pool of truly extraordinary books and for their generous comments: “'The Conquered' is a work of truly original scholarship, bold in the experiment it ventures – an extended comparison between Byzantine Greek and indigenous American culture and society – and deeply grounded in literary, linguistic, and historical research. […] A richly illustrated, gorgeously written and gripping read, this book reimagines the field of Modern Greek Studies in a fresh and persuasive way”".