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Grant award for Pauline Souleau

14 December 2021

Dr Pauline Souleau and Dr Aisling Crean (CEED) have been awarded a UCML Small Grant to support the production of a French multimedia database. This collaborative technology enhanced learning project between the School of Modern Languages and Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development at the University of St Andrews will produce an online support tool for learning and teaching modern languages: a digital platform and structured depository of multimedia resources in French (podcasts, music) for pupils and undergraduate students to consolidate linguistic skills and cultural knowledge, and to spark or develop interest in modern languages. It will strengthen the resilience of educators and learners by saving them much-needed time hunting for resources, facilitating linguistic and cultural immersion to provide support or an alternative to going abroad. It will also thereby counteract reduced national and international mobility stemming from COVID-19, Brexit and/or financial or wellbeing difficulties disproportionately affecting disadvantaged students. This free, open-source platform, adaptable to other languages and institutions, will be streamlined and customisable to best suit learners’ evolving needs.