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Information and policies

The School does not publish hard copies of an undergraduate or postgraduate handbook.  Instead, this material appears in this section of the website.

Absences (includes information on termination of studies and withdrawal of studies)

Academic alerts (including attendance policy in Mathematics and Statistics)

Academic appeals, complaints and disciplinary issues

Accreditation of degree programmes (including guidance on module choices for RSS accreditation)

Assessment and grading (including Mark-to-Grade conversion scales and degree classification information)

Contacts (key contact points within Mathematics and Statistics)

Entry to Honours (including overview of the Honours programme and expected timetables for future sessions)

Examinations (including information on examination absence, deferred asssesment, and S-coding)

Feedback (including expected feedback timescales)

Good academic practice

Honours projects (with links to module handbooks for MT4599 and MT5599)

Late work penalties

Lectures and tutorials (including policy on availabilty of lecture notes)

Miscellaneous information (including semester and examination dates)

Prizes and medals (a list of prizes available in Mathematics and Statistics)

Research internships (information on internships available in Mathematics and Statistics)

Reading parties