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Organisations and Society

Organisations and Society is an interdisciplinary research group investigating relations between organisations and society in the broadest possible sense.

The group researches the role of organisations in shaping society, and vice versa, in a variety of ways. These include a range of theoretical perspectives, both mainstream and critical, at both the micro-level of behaviour and inter-personal relations, and the macro-level of institutions and societies. In order to do this, members of Organisations and Society adopt qualitative approaches (video-reflexive ethnography, ethnography, observation and interviews) and quantitative analytical tools (panels, surveys and experiments).

Organisations and Society members question many of the generally-accepted ideas regarding organisations, and challenge orthodoxies of managerial practice. At the heart of the group is an interest in the sociological and psychological nature of organisational behaviour, and in the ethical and political context and consequences of organisations. Research engages with a wide range of issues across the social sciences, including:

  • human resource management
  • marketing
  • non-profit organisations and philanthropy
  • higher education
  • strategy
  • employees and employee ownership
  • social responsibility and sustainability
  • management and organisational learning
  • gender
  • inequality, equality, diversity and inclusion
  • organisations, organisational culture and performance
  • intuition
  • big data and surveillance
  • identity
  • wellbeing
  • creative industries.

Members of the group also work with the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP), the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy and Public Good (CSPPG) and the Institute for Capitalising on Creativity (ICC).

Members of Organisations and Society