Mapping the responsible investing landscape in Scotland

14 May 2020

Scotland can lead the way in responsible investment following the coronavirus crisis, according to a major new report published by the Ethical Finance Hub. The report, co-authored by Dr Jimmy Xing Chen, of the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance and the Financial Institutions and Markets research group at the School of Management, analyses the scale of the country's responsible investing market for the first time.

The report concludes that Scotland is already 'punching above its weight' and it is now well placed for the re-evaluation of global economic systems following the COVID-19 pandemic, with renewed calls for finance that works for people and the planet.

The report also highlights the difficulties in identifying and interpreting the data required to accurately size the responsible investing market, and provides a blueprint for investors and advisers to cut through the inconsistent approaches used by asset managers and avoid the risk of 'greenwashing'.

The findings will be presented and discussed later this year at the global ethical finance summit, scheduled to be held on 6 and 7 October 2020 in Edinburgh.

Read the full report: Mapping the responsible investing landscape in Scotland

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