Mapping parliamentary mechanisms for accessing and harnessing research

30 May 2022

School of Management Reader Vicky Ward and Mark Monaghan from the University of Birmingham have begun to share initial findings from their Parliamentary Academic Fellowship. Their project looks at ways that parliaments around the world access and harness research. 

Delegates at both the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum in Liverpool held on 4 May and 5 May 2022, and the network of European Parliamentary Technology Advice (EPTA) directors meeting in Karlsruhe on 9 May 2022, played 'guess the country' of various parliamentary mechanisms with the help of a giant map of the world. 

Vicky and Mark shared examples from the Solomon Islands, Zambia, Indonesia and Pakistan, surprising many with the breadth of parliaments engaging with research. 

To find out more, including how to contact Vicky and Mark, see the UK Parliament work programme page Parliament-research knowledge exchange mechanisms around the world.

people gathered around a large map of the world