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Dr Shona Russell

Dr Shona Russell

BAcc(Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer in Knowledge and Practice

Environmental Facilitator
Honours Advisor

Contact details

Tel: +44 (0)1334 46 2807

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Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR)
Earth System Governance

Teaching 2016-2017

  • MN4238 Sustainable Development and Management

Biography/Research specialisms

Shona's research primarily focuses on:

  • Governance, accountability and accounting technologies for natural resource management, particularly water;
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary knowledge production in the domain of environmental science and policy; and
  • Organising sustainability transitions.

She has recently completed projects examining the organisation of science and policy relationships in Scotland, organisational responses to climate change. In the course of this research, Shona is increasingly interested in relationships between knowledge and practice in the context of sustainable development across multiple scales and involving multiple actors.

Shona joined the School of Management as a Lecturer in Knowledge and Practice in 2012. Previously she worked as a researcher in Landcare Research Manaaki Whenua in New Zealand examining water and climate governance with a particular focus on public and stakeholder participation. Her doctoral research at the University of Strathclyde in 2007 examining governance and accountability in the provision of water services in Scotland.

Doctoral Supervision

Selected recent publications

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Russell, S. L., Greenaway, A., Carswell, F., & Weaver, S. (2013). Moving beyond "mitigation and adaptation": examining climate change responses in New Zealand. Local Environment, (June), 1–19.

Russell, S. and Frame, B. (2013). Technologies for sustainability: a governmentality perspective.  International Journal of Sustainable Development, vol. 16:1/2, pp. 91-106.

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Fisher, R., and Russell, S. L. (2011) Water Policy and Regulatory Reform in New Zealand International Journal of Water Resources Development Volume 27, Issue 2, 2011, pp 387 – 400.

Lewis, L., and Russell, S. (2011) Permeating Boundaries: Accountability at the Nexus of Water and Climate Change. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal. Vol. 31 (2).

Fenemor, A.D.; Neilan, D.; Allen, W.; Russell, S (2011). Improving Water Governance in New Zealand – Stakeholder Views of Catchment Management Processes and Plans. Policy Quarterly 7(4) Special Issue 'Governance for sustainability'.

Russell SL, Thomson I (2009). Analysing the role of sustainable development indicators in accounting for and constructing a Sustainable Scotland. Accounting Forum, 33(3), pp 225–244.

Russell SL, Thomson I (2008). Accounting for a Sustainable Scotland. Public Money and Management 28: 367-374.

Old Problems New Solutions coverResearch monograph

Russell, S., Frame, B., and Lennox, J., Old Problems New Solutions: Integrative research supporting natural resource governance. Lincoln, NZ: Manaaki Whenua Press. Available at

Book chapters

Dey, C.R., Russell, S. and Thomson, I. 2010 "Social accounting and the external problematisation of institutional contact: Exploring the potential of shadow accounts", in Osbourne, S. and Ball, A. (Eds) Social Accounting and Public Management: Accountability for the Public Good

Frame B, and Russell S 2009. Looking through a governmentality lens –a bit more theory. In: Frame B, Gordon R, Mortimer C ed. Hatched: the capacity for sustainable development Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd. 197 - 204

Frame B, and Russell S 2009. Water Allocation: Canterbury's Wicked Problem. In: Frame B, Gordon R, Mortimer C ed. Hatched: the capacity for sustainable development. Lincoln, Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd., 205-214

Popular journal articles

Fisher, R., and Russell, S., 2011 Navigating New Zealand's water management. The Chartered Accountants Journal. July 2011.

Kane T, Russell S 2007. Is anything public anymore? Scottish Left Review May/June: 14–15.

Marquardt, M., and Russell, S. 2007. Community governance for sustainability: exploring benefits of community water schemes? Local Environment 12: 437–445.