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Prof Guy Rowlands

Prof Guy Rowlands

Professor of History

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+44 (0)1334 462886
St Katharine's Lodge
Office hours
Tuesday 5pm to 6pm (MO3214), Wednesday 12pm to 1pm (MO1007), or by private arrangement


Research areas

My principal research interests lie in the history of war; in the emergence of the modern European state in the late 17th and early 18th centuries during an era of intense warfare; and the nature and development of international relations in the period 1598-1792. My primary focus thus far has been upon France, the greatest power of the age, during the personal rule of Louis XIV (1661-1715) and the regency for Louis XV (1715-23): my work has so far looked primarily at the armed forces and the financial systems associated with the French state during this period. I have also been widening the scope of my research to take in the longer time-frame of 1589-1789 while also increasing my geographical range to take in aspects of the history of Britain, the Holy Roman Empire, northern Italy, the Spanish empire and Switzerland.


PhD supervision

  • Christopher Davis

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