Dr Tyler Parks

Dr Tyler Parks

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Dr. Parks' research explores questions around the nature and value of different modes of cinematic thinking, particularly in relation to world cinema, experimental non-fiction film, cinematic moods and atmospheres, and the evocation of place. This generally involves working between close analysis, theories of cinematic style and narration, and broader reflections drawn from philosophy and cultural theory.

At present, he is especially invested in examining the interface between theories of cosmopolitanism and the transnationalism of certain stylistic practices in global art cinema, as well as in imagining potential avenues for ?eco-cinema? in dialogue with the work of philosophers engaged in rethinking prevailing conceptions of nature, culture, and the relations between the two. More generally, he has marked research and teaching interests in East Asian cinemas and Genre Theory and History (particularly Film Noir and the Western). 

He is currently working on a monograph for Edinburgh University Press, which is tentatively titled 'Faith with Alienation: Art Cinema, Free Indirect Style, and the Politics of Belief in the World' that draws on Gilles Deleuze's account of thinking in 'modern cinema'and the work of political philosopher William Connolly to reconceive the ethical and political orientations and powers of contemporary global art cinemas that employ varied techniques of free indirect style. The monograph is built around case studies of films directed by Wong Kar-wai, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Pedro Costa, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

In addition, he has begun research for a project on experimental documentaries that combine extensive use of landscape imagery with unconventional forms of spoken narration. It examine works by James Benning, Chantal Akerman, Patrick Keiller, and Werner Herzog and frame them in relation to key arguments in the work of contemporary philosophers such as Connolly, Donna Haraway, and Isabelle Stengers.

He was awarded his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2015, and before coming to St Andrews taught on a number of film studies modules both at the University of Edinburgh and within the Global Cinema programme at the University of Stirling.

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