Research grant and visit to the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum

2 April 2024

In 2023, Dr Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal was awarded a £500 stipend based on his proposal to research the paper collections related to nineteenth and early twentieth century British visual media history at Bill Douglas Cinema Museum (BDCM), University of Exeter. His focus was to comprehend the importance of written documentation within the visual media cultures (which is also an important aspect of his research on the history of educational film and media).

During his visit to BDCM, Anushrut studied a variety of documents including lantern/film catalogues, panorama and lantern publicity pamphlets, lantern lecture readings, technical manuals, amateur science textbooks, among other objects. Last week, Anushrut published a blog post for the BDCM where he discusses some of the objects.

The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum website has other blogposts and more information on their collections.