Silent Film Fest field trip and student publication

12 January 2023

In March 2022, Film Studies honours students on FM4120 Silent Cinema took a field trip with course co-convenors Dr Paul Flaig and Dr Paddy Adamson to the annual Hippodrome Silent Film Festival, held in Boness, Scotland.

Before attending the festival, students attended an online masterclass on silent film festivals with writer, critic, film historian and editor of Silent London Pamela Hutchinson. Students then attended a special double bill entitled “Gender Rebels,” featuring the silent film comediennes, Texas Guinan and Fay Tincher, followed by an illustrated lecture by Dr Lawrence Napper (King’s College London) on the British World War I feature, Dawn (1928).

Students reflected on their Hippodrome experience in a film festival review assignment, with an entry on Dawn by Matthew Gray featured on the Hippfest blog!