Film Studies funding success

25 May 2022

Dr Tom Rice (Senior Lecturer in Film Studies) has been awarded a prestigious British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship for his project entitled “Conservative Convergence: The Daily Mail and the Evolution of the Transmedial Newspaper, 1896-1960”.

The project argues that conservative British newspapers – exemplified by the Daily Mail, which was established in 1896 and was, by 1900, the largest selling newspaper in the world – have long pioneered, developed and exploited new forms of media to boost their readership and revenue and to project a nationalist ideology beyond the printed page. The media forms examined within the project range from early radio in the 1920s to commercial television in the 1950s, from amateur film in the 1930s to educational filmstrips in the 1940s. In illuminating the historical connections between the British newspaper and new media forms and screens, the project charts the emergence, evolution and endurance of Britain's modern media system.

The 12-month fellowship runs from September 2022.