British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grant for Dr Lucy Donaldson

6 April 2022

Dr Lucy Donaldson, senior lecturer in Film Studies, has won a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grant for her project 'Colouring in the margins: George Hoyningen-Huene’s work in film (1953-1962)'.

Huene was an influential photographer who worked as a colour consultant/coordinator on a number of films during this period, including A Star is Born (1954), The Five Pennies (1959), Heller in Pink Tights (1960) and A New Kind of Love (1963).

The project aims to uncover his influence on the aesthetics of Hollywood colour film of the 1950s/60s, and in so doing will contribute to work on film colour (especially the role of the colour consultant) and queer film histories.The grant will support a trip to a number of archives in Los Angeles, the holdings of which will contextualise Huene's creative practice, his collaborations with others and the working practices of other colour consultants.