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Verse biography of Ronald Drever

5 February 2018

Professor Robert Crawford will read a specially commissioned verse biography of the Scottish physicist Ronald Drever (1931-2017) in a programme dedicated to Drever on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 10 February at 9.30 pm.

Drever's work in Glasgow and California was crucial to the recent discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO project, some of whose members shared the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics.

In addition to Robert's verse, the programme includes interviews with Drever's brother and with physicists working on gravitational waves, as well as music composed by Jeremy Thurlow.

Listen on the BBC iPlayer

Professor Robert Crawford has also published a new translation of the old English poem under the title Holy Rood, in a limited edition box set that includes seven original images by photographer Norman McBeath. The box set is published by Easel Press but selected pages can be viewed online here.