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Homemaking in the South Asian Diaspora

1 October 2019

Homemaking book cover

An event to celebrate the release of Dr Anindya Raychaudhuri's book Homemaking will be held in Lighthouse bookshop in Edinburgh on Tuesday October 15 at 7pm. This event will comprise several short papers by invited academics and postgraduate students on the subject of ‘home’ and ‘nostalgia’, and a question and answer session with Dr Raychaudhuri. Come enjoy some terrific South Asian hospitality - food, thoughts and refreshments - at an evening to celebrate Homemaking and community. Tickets and more information can be found on the EventBrite booking page.

Homemaking examines diasporic life in south Asian communities in Europe, North America and Australia, to map the ways in which members of these communities use nostalgia to construct distinctive identities.

Using examples from literature, cinema, visual art, music, computer games, mainstream media, physical and virtual spaces and many other cultural objects, Dr Raychudhuri argues that it is possible, and necessary, to read this nostalgia as helping to create a powerful notion of home that can help to transcend international relations of empire and capital, and create instead a pan-national space of belonging.