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Radio awards for Prof John Burnside and Olly Emanuel

25 June 2018

Professor John Burnside has won the The Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden (War Blinded Audio Play Prize), also known as the Kriegsblindenpreis (War Blinded Prize), the most important literary prize granted to playwrights of audio plays written in the German language. The award was established in 1950 by the Bund der Kriegsblinden Deutschlands (BKD), a German organization for soldiers and civilians blinded during war, whether from working with munitions or explosives or from a bomb attack or while in flight from an attack.

Oliver Emanuel has won an award from the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases for his play The Truth About Hawaii, broadcast earlier this year on BBC Radio 4. The award recognises the impact of Oliver’s play on current urgent global health challenges; its far reaching public engagement through effective use of fact, fiction and emotion; the contribution to a set of communication tools boosting awareness and education around anti-microbial resistance and its place in global health priorities; as well as its role in a broader advocacy movement to place global health at the forefront of the international agenda.