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New book publications

27 June 2018

Professor Neil Rhodes' Common: The Development of Literary Culture in Sixteenth-Century England has been published by Oxford University Press. Common explores the relationship between the Reformation in the first half of the sixteenth century and the Renaissance in the second, and addresses the question of why the Renaissance arrived so late in England through analysis of the 'common' in its double sense of something shared and something base.

Professor Don Paterson's new book, The Poem: Lyric, Sign, Metre, is an investigation into how poetry works through close consideration of its music, manner of making meaning and rhythm and is published by Faber.

Dr Augustine's book Aesthetics of Contingency: Writing, Politics and Culture in England 1639-1689 is a study of how literature responds to conditions of political uncertainty, and rewrites much of what we thought we knew about the English civil war and Restoration literature. It is published by Manchester University Press.