Double student success at international symposium

4 October 2023

Postgraduate research students Phoebe Macindoe and Lucy Turton each won funding to present their projects at the Harlaxton Medieval Symposium.

Phoebe Macindoe and Lucy Turton with their postersLucy Turton and Phoebe Macindoe with their research posters

The symposium is an international multi-disciplinary conference on the Middle Ages held annually at Harlaxton Manor in Lincolnshire. This year's event, from Monday 14 August to Thursday 17 August 2023, was in honour of the eminent medieval historian Dr Jenny Stratford and was on the theme of 'England and France before 1500'.

Lucy Turton with her posterLucy Turton

Lucy won a Dobson Scholarship to present her research on Robert Mannyng's poem 'Handlyng Synne'. Lucy's work involves preparing a critical edition of sections of this very long early 14th-century penitential text.

Phoebe Macindoe with her posterPhoebe Macindoe

Phoebe also won full funding to present her research on the significance of blank spaces in medieval manuscripts and early printed books, and on how such blank spaces are represented in modern printed editions and digital facsimiles.

Phoebe and Lucy are both supervised by Professor Margaret Connolly.