Renaissance Academic Drama and the Popular Stage

27 July 2020
PhD students Jonathan Gardner and Elena Spinelli have hosted a two-day virtual conference for the School of English on Microsoft Teams.
'Renaissance Academic Drama and the Popular Stage' brought together papers, lectures and recorded screenings examining the intersection of early modern drama based at schools, universities, and commercial theatres. While these traditions are often held apart, scholarship is increasingly uncovering connections between them, and this conference provided some fascinating new insights.
Keynote lectures were delivered by Professor Laurie Maguire, on the printed form of classical and commercial drama, and Professor Sarah Knight, on theatrical costumes and university dress. The conference also featured screenings of performances from directors Elisabeth Dutton (EDOX) and Perry Mills (Edward's Boys), accompanied by discussions with both directors.
Over a hundred delegates attended, representing ten countries across four continents. The organisers are planning a collection of essays to come out of the proceedings in due course.