Advising into VIP modules

Only students selected for a VIP will be allowed to advise into a VIP module.  

Whether you have credit space to take on a VIP module will depend on your level and your degree programme, which is explained further below. If you are uncertain about whether you can fit a VIP module into your timetable, you should contact your Adviser of Studies. 

See also information about credits and modules.


Students can apply to join existing projects in Semester 1 or Semester 2 or both. Some completely new projects may have a Semester 2 start date. See the individual project pages to see when each project starts. 

Advising into a VIP at sub-honours

At sub-honours level, students typically have more freedom than in later years to take VIP modules. Some students, such as those in Medicine or second-year Neuroscience, may have no freedom at all. 

Sub-honours students can select the appropriate VP coded module on the advising system. The appropriate credit level is that agreed by the project supervisors and the student. Sub-honours advisers can approve the module choices of successful VIP applicants. The alternative VP module codes are listed on the Credits and Modules page.

Advising into a VIP at Honours

At Honours level, credit available for a VIP varies across Schools and subjects, as listed below. Most flexibility is available for students in a single Honours programme.

You should be aware of the following for VIP Honours modules:

  • For many Schools, students can access VIP by using School rules which permit a 'dip across' into modules outside of the programme requirements. In other Schools, the programme requirements explicitly accommodate VIP and a dip across is not required. In other cases, School permission may be needed to waive the standard programme requirements to enable participation in VIP.

  • If you are planning to take a VIP module at Honours level, you will need permission from your School at advising (this could be from your Honours adviser, Director of Teaching, or Head of School).  

  • If you are planning to enrol in an ID module (e.g. ID4001 or ID4002) it is unlikely that the School will also give you permission to take a VP module at 3000 or 4000 level.

  • Successful applicants will have their VP coded module(s) added to the student record by Registry, usually prior to advising or readvising. For technical reasons, Honours' advisers are unable to add VP modules directly. Likewise, Honours' students will be unable to select VP modules in pre-advising. Selection of VP modules by advisers and students is only possible at sub-honours.

Credit loads and overcrediting

University regulations permit you to over-credit (that is, enrol in more than 120 credits) if you wish. However, please be aware that doing so risks giving you an excessive workload, and your grades and health may suffer as a result.

See more information about credit loads

Changing your mind 

Students accepted on a project team can change their mind about enrolling in a VIP prior to Monday of week 2 through the normal re-advising process. 

Students who have advised onto a VIP for two semesters or for Semester 2 are able to change their mind if they do not wish to proceed onto the VIP in Semester 2.

Likewise, if a student has struggled to contribute to a project in Semester 1, the supervisor is not committed to inviting the student to return to the project in Semester 2.