St Andrews Volcanic Eruptions and Impacts (StA-VEI) Group

Volcanic eruptions can have major impacts on human health, climate, and regional and global economy. The St Andrews Volcanic Eruptions and Impacts (StA-VEI) Group brings together a diverse team of geoscientists to understand the processes that trigger large volcanic events, and how climate and societies respond.

STA-VEI combines expertise in volcanology, geochemistry, paleoclimate, and atmospheric modelling, in order to:

  • Obtain detailed information about the magnitude and frequency of past eruptions
  • Provide fundamental insights into the physical and chemical processes occurring beneath volcanoes and in their eruptive plume
  • Quantify the climatic and environmental impacts of large volcanic events

This information is vital for preparing society for future eruptions, but also explores exciting interdisciplinary questions about the links between past episodes of explosive volcanism, climate change, and human societal upheaval.

The group's studies involve detailed field work and cutting-edge analytical facilities (for petrology, geochemistry, and tree ring analyses) as well as novel atmospheric modelling tools, with a focus on improving measurements and predictions from multiple sulfur isotopes. StA-VEI is a vibrant group and have regular team meetings to foster these collaborations and drive exciting new science.

StA-VEI is always keen to hear from prospective post-doctoral researchers, potential PhD and Masters students, as well as other new and enthusiastic collaborators.

Key STA-VEI members

Academic and Research Staff

PhD students

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