How volcanoes recycle the Earth’s crust to uncover rare metals that are vital to green technology

1 November 2019

Work led by Dr Will Hutchison on the use of sulfur isotopes has been published on open access in the journal nature communications. the work was led by the St Andrews team in collaboration with colleagues at Tübingen, Oslo and Glasgow universities. the group at St Andrews also included Anouk Borst, Adrian Finch, Nicky Horsburgh and Eva Stüeken and it also included a St Andrews graduate, Dr Henrik Friis, who is now associate professor at the University of Oslo.

The work was subsequently picked up by a topical journal called 'the conversation' who invited the team to produce a journalistic summary of the work. it is targeting a relatively young audience, so the bigger picture science is presented. The scientific work was placed a broader context of critical metals research at St Andrews, particularly that focussing on alkaline igneous rocks. 

link to conversation article.

Link to peer-reviewed publication in nature communications.