New UKRI FLF Success!

3 November 2022

Dr MacGilchrist has been awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship and will lead a project to improve our understanding of the carbon-absorbing properties of the oceans, and its evolution over the coming centuries. At present, the oceans act as overall absorbers of atmospheric carbon, protecting us against the global warming that arises from human carbon emissions. However, geological records from the deep ocean indicate that this might not always be the case. This project will apply novel mathematical approaches to create improved models of the global ocean carbon cycle, which will provide oceanographers, climate scientists and paleoceanographers with a new toolkit and framework for examining major CO2 change.

Graeme is an oceanographer and climate scientist. His research is concerned with understanding how climate-relevant tracers, such as heat and carbon dioxide, are taken up by, stored within, and transported around the ocean. This is achieved by a combination of atmosphere-ocean exchange, the large-scale ocean circulation, turbulent ocean dynamics, and biogeochemical processes. Graeme is interested in understanding the impact of these processes on the marine environment as well as Earth's climate more broadly.