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Two NERC Funded postdoc positions working on exciting origin/evolution of life

21 July 2021

Eva Stüeken and project partner Rika Anderson (Carleton College) are looking for two postdocs to reconstruct nutrient fluxes and ecosystems around hydrothermal vents over geologic time. One position would be focused on geochemical lab work and experiments under high pressure and temperature to better constrain the mobility of essential nutrients under hydrothermal conditions. The second position is targeting a microbiologist with strong computational background to perform phylogenetic reconstructions of the thermophilic biosphere. The project is funded by NERC, and the two postdocs would be based at St Andrews, UK. 

Postdoc #1: This person will conduct phylogenomic analyses of microbial genomes with the aim of reconstructing the expansion of microbial metabolisms and functions through Earth history (link).

Postdoc #2: This person will work with a new and bespoke hydrothermal reactor facility to constrain the mobility of nutrient elements in aqueous fluids at elevated pressures and temperatures (link).