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Dr Madhavi Nevader

Dr Madhavi Nevader

Lecturer in Old Testament / Hebrew Bible

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Madhavi Nevader joined the School of Divinity at St Andrews in 2014. She holds degrees from the Middlebury College (BA) and the University of Oxford (MPhil; DPhil). Previously she taught at the University of Glasgow and held an Andrew Mellon Post-doctoral Fellowship at the University of Oxford.

Her main areas of research include the political institution and theologies of the Hebrew Bible and other ancient Near Eastern texts, Biblical and Near Easter Prophecy, and Israelite/Judahite religion. Her forthcoming monograph, Yhwh versus David: Royal Reconfigurations in Deuteronomy and Ezekiel 40-48, looks at the nature of political utopia in the Hebrew Bible and shifting notions of sovereignty. Other publications explore the Book of Ezekiel in its wider Ancient Near Eastern context. She is currently working on a longer-term project on kingship in ancient Israel/Judah, which reaches both out and back into the ancient Near East, but also forward into the reception of biblical models of political power.

Madhavi teaches undergraduage modules on the Bible and Western Culture, Biblical Atonement, Kingship and Messianism, and Creation and Chaos in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East. She supervises dissertations on a wide array of topics as they relate to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. 

Madhavi is on the editorial board of the monograph series ?Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology? (Peeters). She is co-chair of the Cultic Personnel Section of the Society of Biblical Literature and is on the steering committee for Exile and Forced Migration Section and the Deuteronomy Section.

PhD supervision

  • Jonathan Walton
  • Taylor Gray

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