Prof Mario I Aguilar

Prof Mario I Aguilar

Professor of Religion and Politics

Researcher profile

+44 (0)1334 46 2835


Research areas

The Study of Religion; Religion in the Contemporary World; Theology in Latin America and Africa; Contextual Theology; Biblical Studies and Anthropology, Islam in Africa, theology of the poor and disappeared, history and colonialism in I Maccabees, Chile, Rwanda, Kenya, Somalia. History of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, Christian- Buddhist dialogue. Hinduism, particularly monasticism in India, Christian-Hindu dialogue, Hindu texts, Indian museums, Kolkata, Indian art, particularly Altaf Mohamedi. Pope Francis and Vatican diplomacy.

PhD supervision

  • Keith Wiedersheim
  • Llewellyn Daggett
  • Braulia Barbosa Ribeiro
  • Shruti Dixit
  • Mary Hunter
  • Aaron Pelot
  • Aneirin Pendragon
  • Anupama Ranawana

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