Dr Joshua Cockayne

Dr Joshua Cockayne

Divinity Honorary Lecturer

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DI5350 Analytic Theology: God, History, and Revelation

DI5351 Reconciliation: Divine and Human

DI532 Persons: Divine and Human

Joshua would be interested in supervising PhD students focusing on issues in Analytic theology (particularly in topics related to liturgy, ecclesiology or spiritual practice) and Kierkegaard (particularly on issues related to the spiritual life and spiritual practice).


Research areas

Joshua’s research focuses on the philosophy and theology of spirituality, liturgy and ecclesiology. He is currently working on the following research projects:

  • A monograph on analytic theology and ecclesiology
  • A monograph on epistemology and liturgy (under contract, Cascade)
  • A co-authored monograph on ecclesiology and trauma studies (with Scott Harrower and Preston Hill, under contract, Cascade)
  • Three grant funded projects aiming to bring psychology and theology into dialogue on issues of corporate worship and liturgy (with Gideon Salter)
  • Analzying Theology a new monograph series in analytic and systematic theology (with Jonathan Rutledge, Cascade)

Further information: 

Joshua’s website is:  https://joshuacockayne.weebly.com/

PhD supervision

  • Jason Stigall
  • Drew Everhart
  • Drew Everhart
  • Jason Stigall

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