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Dr Elizabeth Shively

Dr Elizabeth Shively

Senior Lecturer in New Testament

Director of Teaching

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Dr. Elizabeth Shively (BA, MDiv, ThM, PhD, FHEA) came to St Andrews in 2012, having previously taught at Wheaton College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Candler School of Theology, and having served six years in pastoral ministry. She received her PhD in Religion at Emory University with a primary concentration in New Testament Studies and a secondary concentration in Homiletics. Dr. Shively?s specialization is the Gospel of Mark, on which she has numerous publications. In addition, she is Editor for the Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Biblical Criticism monograph Series, and New Testament General Editor for Bible Odyssey (, an interactive website aimed at improving public understanding of the Bible and its contexts. Dr. Shively is also committed developing research-led teaching and pedagogical research, and was awarded the McCall-MacBain Teaching Excellence Award by the University of St Andrews in 2016. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and is involved in the St Andrews Learning and Teaching Initiative (SALTI). Finally, Dr. Shively is committed to public engagement out of a desire to make a contribution to the church and society. She fulfills this commitment through local preaching, conference speaking, non-academic publications, frequent contributions to and her editorial role with Bible Odyssey


DI1006 Jesus and the Gospels

DI3712 Reading in the Greek New Testament

DI4608/09 The Gospel of Matthew (English Text/Greek Text)

DI4615 The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature

DI4626/27 The Book of Revelation (English Text/Greek Text)

DI4630/31 The Gospel of Mark (English Text/Greek Text)

DI5901 The Bible and Contemporary Issues: New Testament Ethics             

DI5907 The Book of Revelation and Contemporary Culture

Research areas

Dr. Shively specializes in the Synoptic Gospels, literary analysis, and the intersection of Jewish apocalyptic worldview, symbols and language and the New Testament. She is particularly interested in the conceptual power of biblical narratives, and is currently preparing a monograph entitled The Invention of the Gospel: Genre, Meaning, and Identity (Oxford University Press). In it, she employs the integration of literary, socio-rhetorical, and cognitive theories to offer a new model for gospel genre study and analysis; and suggests how gospel genre contributes to the textual construction of early Christian identity. In addition, she is preparing the second edition of the New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC) on The Gospel of Mark (Eerdmans, edited by Todd Still and Mark Goodacre).

Additional areas of research include: 1) the investigation of images of redemption in Mark?s Gospel in light of a complex symbolic world that incorporates motifs of the Passover and Second Exodus, Levitical purity and impurity, and apocalyptic eschatology; 2) the writing of a commentary on Paul?s letter to Philemon that focuses social identity formation; 3) the testing of a hypothesis that Paul?s presentation of the body (soma) and of the self/?I? in his writings is best explained by a monadic understanding of persons and a view of cognition as embodied and embedded in the world.

PhD supervision

  • Timothy Tse
  • Tobias Siegenthaler

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