Europaeum Scholars Programme.

21 February 2024
Many congratulationss to Divinity PhD student Filip Scherf who has recently been offered a place in the 2024-25 Europaeum Scholars Programme, which consists of 8 week-long modules in different European cities starting in March at Oxford.
Scherf portraitDescribing the impact he hopes Europaeum will have on his research, Scherf says: "The programme is particularly valuable for my PhD project, and for my later career, for two reasons. First, it is highly interdisciplinary – as is my PhD research. Second, it seeks to bring scholarship into conversation with European policy-making – precisely my long-term professional ambition in IR/foreign policy. Overall, it is my hope that I will be able to harness some of the lessons and experience not only in my research, but also in engagements with the wider St Andrews academic community."