To meet the challenge of providing an engaging and interactive experience with using museums and special collections digitally, Exhibit was developed as a tool which approaches the sensory and tactile encounters students would have with this original material.

Exhibit enables anyone to create interactive presentations with digitised material from our (and other) collections, including 3D models, manuscripts, muniments, rare books, artworks, and photographs. For example a lecturer could create an Exhibit examining the bindings of a book using a 3D scan, and then move to the inside of the book to view pages and the scanned text. Alternatively, lecturers could provide objects to students and request they create their own Exhibit for a project.

Exhibit can be shared or embedded in Moodle, Teams, Wordpress, or University web pages.

The digitisation of collection objects required for teaching is underway, and academic staff will be provided with selections of their teaching material alongside instructions for creating their own Exhibits.

Below is a quick video outlining how to use the tool.

Developed by University of St Andrews and Mnemoscene using The Universal Viewer, with support from the Esme Fairbairn Collections Fund.

Here is a demonstration Exhibit:

Documentation and help can be found on the Exhibit docs section.