Epigeum Research Skills Toolkit

Doctoral students can apply for a licence to access a suite 18 online courses in research skills provided by online training specialist Epigeum. You will find the details of each course, including estimated completion time, on the Research Skills Toolkit page on the Epigeum website (link opens in new browser window). Courses include:

Ethical Research

  • Becoming an Ethical Researcher
  • Research Ethics in Practice

Research Methods

  • Undertaking a Literature Review
  • Principles of Research Methods
  • Research Methods in Practice: Social Sciences
  • Research Methods in Practice: Arts and Humanities
  • Research Methods in Practice: STEM

Transferable Skills

  • Working with your Supervisor
  • Managing your Research Project
  • Intellectual Property in the Research Context
  • Getting Published in the Arts
  • Getting Published in Sciences
  • Conferences, Presenting and Networking
  • Career Planning in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Career Planning Sciences

Entrepreneurship in the Research Context

  • Academic Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Recognition and Evaluation
  • Entrepreneurial Resources: People, Teams and Finance

With your token, you will be able to access all courses with the Research Skills Toolkit: International logo. Please note that there will be some upcoming changes to the way in which Epigeum courses are organised by theme. This will not impact your access. 

GRADskills has 25 licences to allocate for 2022-23. We will prioritise applications using the following criteria:

  • Research Students studying outside of the UK and unable to attend workshops due to timezone differences
  • Research Students who are unable to attend workshops due to caring responsibilities or health issues
  • Research Students not living in St Andrews
  • Research Students living in St Andrews

In the event that we do not allocate all licences in semester 1, we will broader our criteria and contact anyone who applied but was ineligible in the first instance.

The licence gives you access to the online training materials from 31 July 2022 to 31 July 2023.

To apply for access to the Research Skills Master Programme please complete this online application form. (You will need to login to OneDrive to submit the form - your name and email address will be logged automatically).

You will receive an email from CEED (this may take up to 3 weeks) with the outcome of your application. If it is approved, your email will include an access code to enable you to log in to the Epigeum online learning website to complete the full programme.