Group members

Principal Investigator

Photograph of Jonathan Keeling Jonathan Keeling is a Reader in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St Andrews.


Photgraph of Kristin Arnardottir Kristín Arnardóttir is working on modelling polariton lasing in organic materials, and is part of the Hybrid Polaritonics programme grant.

Graduate students

Photgraph of Conor Stevenson Conor Stevenson is exploring analytic and numerical methods to tackle open quantum systems coupled to structured environments.
Photgraph of Roberta Palacino Roberta Palacino is working on methods to model many body physics in multimode cavities, accounting for dissipation and driving.
Photgraph of Gerald Fux Gerald Fux is working on various problems involving numerical methods for non-Markovian open quantum systems.
Photgraph of Piper Fowler-Wright Piper Fowler-Wright is working on developing and apply numerical methods for non-Markovian open quantum systems in the context of organic materials in optical cavities.


Joining the group

PhD positions

Details of current PhD projects for which I hope to recruit students can be found on the departmental list of current PhD projects.

Funded PhD studentships for UK and EU students may be available through the department. For primary consideration, applications should be received by January to start the following September.

To make a PhD application, please use the application form available throught the St Andrews Postgraduate application system.

Undergraduate projects and summer internships

I supervise final year projects in theoretical physics for St Andrews undergradutes in theoretical physics and theoretical physics and mathematics. As well as the projects listed, I am happy to consider projects you may wish to suggest, but you should contact me early in such cases.

I am willing to support and supervise one or two undergraduate students to apply for funded summer internships. Details of potential sources of funding can be found on the department page on summer vacation placements. Note that deadlines for the IOP Undergraduate Research Bursary is likely to be in February, and the St Andrews URIP scheme is in April. Please contact me at least one month before any deadline to discuss potential projects. I am not prepared to supervise unfunded or self-funded summer internships.

Current or recent collaborators