Fee setting

The University is committed to providing clear and timely information about tuition fees to assist applicants and students in making informed decisions.

This protocol covers all cohorts of student (foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate) and all modes of attendance on degree programmes.

The purpose of this protocol is to outline:

  • The principles by which the University sets tuition fees and the framework it adopts for forthcoming academic years;
  • The annual fee setting process and the University’s approach to fee variation;
  • The information that will be available to applicants and students.

Approach and guiding principles

  1. To enable students to plan for the cost of a university education, the University provides applicants with information on tuition fees and other known mandatory charges for the full duration of a degree programme before an offer is made, where the University is responsible for setting fees.
  2. The University reviews its fees and charges annually and communicates this information to all students. The University’s fee setting process leads to the publication of a list of approved fees for all cohorts by the start of September for the following academic year. View the current tuition fees.
  3. Tuition fees for some cohorts of student are regulated by external bodies to the University; in such cases the University follows guidelines published by these external bodies.
    Undergraduate tuition fees for Scottish and EU domiciled students are set by the Scottish Government. Undergraduate tuition fees for students from the Rest of the UK are in line with the tuition fee cap set by the Westminster Government. Undergraduate tuition fees for students from the Isle of Man and Channel Islands are currently aligned to fees for students from the Rest of the UK. Research Postgraduate fees for Home students are set by Research Councils.
  4. In addition to information on the web, the University provides and publishes information on tuition fee rates and policies at the point of offer. Specifically, the University will provide:
    • Information about approved tuition fees for the full duration of your degree programme where this is known;
    • Information on fee status assessment procedures.
    • Information on known charges for compulsory elements of the degree programme (e.g. an assessed field trip) in relevant student and module handbooks;
    • Information for students about fee implications relating to changes of circumstances (e.g. leave of absence, extension) prior to requesting a change and made clear before accepting a change;
    • Information on any module-specific charges on an annual basis, to ensure that students are aware of these charges where they apply when making such choices.
  5. No supplementary tuition fees will be applied.


Version Purpose/Changes Status Author of changes Date
0.1 To bring guidance in line with current policy Approved Marie-Noel Earley Thursday 20 June 2019
0.2 Annual review Approved Marie-Noel Earley Wednesday 27 May 2020
0.3 Annual review Approved Marie-Noel Earley Tuesday 25 May 2021
0.4 Annual review Approved Michele Goodwin, Fees Officer, Registry Thursday 22 September 2022
0.5 Annual review Approved Michele Goodwin, Student Journey Manager (UG and Fees), Registry Tuesday 13 June 2023