Data collection

The University takes its responsibilities to protect and maintain the privacy of individuals seriously. The purpose of this statement is to advise and inform you as to how your personal details will be used by the University and what rights, under law, are available to you.


The University must have a good reason to make use of your personal details. In the relevant legislation (the Data Protection Act 1998, hereafter DPA) those details are referred to as personal data. One of the good reasons to make use of personal data is consent.

The University will ask you for your consent to make use of your personal data to:

  1. provide relevant information about the University and related events, which it feels may be of interest to you
  2. manage the events that you may have indicated an interest in.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time. Where this happens the University will no longer make use of the personal details you provided.

It is not unusual to ask that a family member or friend represents you (for example, when confirming or modifying bookings for events). In this case, the University will also ask you for you consent before putting such arrangements in place.

What personal data will the University collect?

Typically the following personal data will be collected:

  • Personal details - name, date of birth, contact details, family or next of kin
  • Academic - subjects of interest; current school, college or university; and curriculum.

How will the University use that personal data?

Personal data will be used for activities such as:

  • Event planning and management, for events you have expressed an interest in.
  • Contacting you to advise you of any events, or news, that may be of interest to you.

When will the University pass your details to a third party?

Family, friends, or a third party representative

Your personal details will only be passed on to a third party acting on your behalf where prior consent to do so has been given by you. If a family member or friend etc. contacts the University to change details of a booked event, then the University may respond to that request if it is satisfied that the person who has made contact is known to you.

Third-party contractor

The University holds applicant personal details on databases, which are maintained by third-party contractors based in the United Kingdom. Those details are passed onto those contractors, under strict conditions, which they are contractually bound to observe.

How long will the University keep your personal data?

If you choose to enrol as a student, then those personal details will be retained as per the University’s student record retention schedule. Otherwise, your details will be removed from our records 12 months following the end of the academic year, when your interest in the University was expressed.


The Data Protection Act provides a range of rights as to how your personal data will be managed. You can ask the University to:

  • provide you with a copy of all of their personal data, which it holds
  • stop using personal data where this may cause damage or distress
  • make changes to personal data, where it is believed to be inaccurate.

Contact for further information

The associate chief information officer (information assurance and governance) is the University’s data protection officer. If you have any questions about how your personal data is used, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights, please email


This statement is published on the University’s applicant portal and the University website.